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Masago: The Colorful Crunch for Your Sushi Creations

From Japanese ramen to sushi, the culinary world is diverse and rich in flavours and unique ingredients. One such important ingredient, often used to make delicious sushi rolls, is Masago. But what exactly is this tiny, orange jewel? In this article, we will unravel the mystery of Masago. What is Masago? Masago is edible eggs or roe of the Capelin fish, scientifically known as Mallotus villosus. Capelin fish is a small-sized, cold-water fish found in

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Revealing the Secret Knowledge: Health Benefits of Celtic Salt

Celtic salt is a historical inheritance from the ancient Celts, who were skilled in obtaining salt from the ocean. In the coastal areas of France, Celtic salt is collected using traditional methods passed down through generations. The real beauty of this salt is that it is not heavily processed like other salts, which is why it has a rich mineral content. Depending on the impurities and mineral concentration, it could be Off-white, Grey, or Brownish

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